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eerste hapjes baby voedingsschema

General • Blogs • 12/07/22

This is the ideal feeding schedule for your baby

If your baby is allowed to start snacking at 6 months (or at 4 or 5 months on your expert's recommendation), it's good to have some guidelines handy. Where should you start? What do you give and what don't you give, and how often should you give it? We are happy to help.

Babykoekjes met weinig suiker

General • Blogs • 11/07/22

Buying baby biscuits: pay attention to this

Your local supermarket has a wide range of baby biscuits. What should you pay attention to? Which biscuits are the better ones? We'll get you started.

Zwangerschap en zwangerschapsvitamines, foliumzuur

General • Blogs • 11/07/22

Folic acid, magnesium and other prenatal vitamins

If you are pregnant, then pregnancy vitamins are a good addition. Your body is working hard to create a human being, so it consumes an enormous amount of energy, vitamins and minerals. But, which prenatal vitamins should you take?