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eerste hapjes baby voedingsschema

General • Blogs • 12/07/22

This is the ideal feeding schedule for your baby

If your baby is allowed to start snacking at 6 months (or at 4 or 5 months on your expert's recommendation), it's good to have some guidelines handy. Where should you start? What do you give and what don't you give, and how often should you give it? We are happy to help.

baby wil niet eten baby eet slecht niet 6 maanden

General • Blogs • 11/07/22

Help! My baby doesn’t want to eat; now what?

Help, my baby doesn't want to eat, now what? If your baby doesn't want to eat, it makes it challenging to keep offering snacks. Keep trying with these 5 tips!

Eerste babyhapjes waar te beginnen

General • Blogs • 11/07/22

Your baby’s first snack: how to ensure success

Your baby's first snack: this really is an (exciting) experience. You probably have some questions. Should you give your baby its first snack at 4 months or 6 months, and which practice snacks should you start with? These tips will make your baby's first snack a success.