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Voordelen van biologisch eten

General • Recipes • 11/08/22


dit is een recept op een testpagina.

Eerste babyhapjes, voedingsschema baby

General • Blogs • 12/07/22

This is the ideal feeding schedule for your baby

If your baby is allowed to start snacking at 6 months (or at 4 or 5 months on your expert's recommendation), it's good to have some guidelines handy. Where should you start? What do you give and what don't you give, and how often should you give it? We are happy to help.

Gezond broodbeleg voor baby's

General • Blogs • 11/07/22

What sandwich toppings can I give my baby? 7 tips

Do you sometimes find yourself in the kitchen with a plain slice of bread in front of you and don't really know how to offer your baby a nutritious, tasty and varied meal? Or do you doubt whether your baby is allowed to eat certain toppings? Or do you need inspiration for your child's lunch box? We are happy to help you.

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