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Organic Strawberry and Beetroot spread


It'll be handy to get our little one used to the flavour of beetroot, so that they will happily scoop this up during dinner! Every little 'beet' helps, right?

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Organic Strawberry and Beetroot spread

Ingredients: Strawberries* 39%, beetroot* 37%, date syrup*, apples* 8%, pectin. *) of organic sources

Allergens: none

This topping has a limited shelf life after opening, due to the low sugar content and because we have not added any preservatives. Completely natural! Does your little one not eat that much yet? Then we have these tips for you:

  • Put the jar back in the refrigerator immediately after use.
  • Set your fridge to 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Use clean cutlery.
  • Freeze smaller portions, for example in an ice cube mold.
  • Use it as a topping over your yogurt or in your shake.