This is how to teach your child to drink more water

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  • By Rosanne

Your child has an innate preference for sweet things, such as sugary drinks, biscuits and sweets. This puts you, as a parent, in a difficult position. Do you make them drink water, or allow them to have a (unhealthier) sweet drink? These tips will make it easier to choose water.

Breakfast has never been this much fun!

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  • By Kirsten Toeset, bron easy peasy family

This recipe should really be called 'easy does it'. You can prepare this a night in advance and your kids will jump out of their beds in the morning with a spring in their step. Add some banana, or peanut butter (of course) or apple-pear paste and everybody will be ready to GO! 

Yay, vegetables!?

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  • By Kirsten Toeset

Yay, vegetables! All about flavours. Why is it so important that your little one is introduced to different flavours? A baby develops their preferred flavours in the first 6 to 12 months of their life. That's the foundation he starts with.

Recipe - Apple Oat cake

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  • By Simone

Baking delicious treats can also be very nutritious. Our Apple Oat cake is a shining example. It's made with our Coconut and Strawberry Porridge. 100% natural ingredients. Because even when we bake delicious things ourselves, we refuse to add refined sugars and strange additives!